Stadelmann & Wössner is a Berlin-based practice for architecture, exhibitions, scenography and interiors, founded by Eva-Maria Stadelmann and Frank Joachim Wössner in 2021.

Since 2013 we have been collaborating and working internationally on a wide range of projects for private and public or institutional clients, engaging with all scales of architecture from furniture to city with a focus on arts and culture as well as residential projects. We are equally interested in new-build and renovations, conversions or extensions as sustainable and considerate interventions within an existing and listed building fabric. Recent projects include various furniture and exhibition designs, live/work and artists studios, gallery and apartment renovations, conversions, extensions and new built.

With a positive commitment and attitude, we appreciate an open, integrated and interdisciplinary approach and design process in close and trustful collaboration with our clients, curators, artists, end users, consultants, specialists, manufacturers and builders, to explore potentials of each project. With a strong awareness and deep interest in the spatial, cultural and social context, we understand complex site specific and economic constraints as a chance, to deliver innovative bespoke, sustainable and high-quality design solutions in the pursuit of well-made and lasting architecture.

Prior to founding Stadelmann & Wössner, Eva and Frank worked with internationally renowned practices such as Valerio Olgiati in Zürich/Flims, 6a architects in London, Caruso St John Architects in London and Pritzker Prize-winning David Chipperfield Architects in Berlin for many years, where both have gained a wide range of professional experience on much awarded cultural and art related projects such as ‘Kunsthaus Zürich’, ‘Forum Museumsinsel’ in Berlin Mitte, ‘Nottingham Contemporary’ and Stirling Prize winning ‘Newport Street Gallery’ for Damien Hirst in London as well as on housing, office, exhibition projects and other typologies.

Eva-Maria Stadelmann

studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart. Since 2013 she has been working together with Frank Joachim Wössner and in various constellations, also as Stadelmann Schmutz Wössner Architekten with Bernd Schmutz 2015-2020, on a wide range of international projects of different scales, with a focus on the arts and cultural sector, exhibition designs and residential projects. In 2021 she co-founded Stadelmann & Wössner Architekt:innen PartGmbB together with Frank Joachim Wössner in Berlin.

She also worked with internationally renowned architectural practices such as Valerio Olgiati in Zürich, 6a architects in London and Pritzker Prize-winning David Chipperfield Architects in Berlin, where she gained a wide range of professional experience on much awarded projects in the UK, Germany and Switzerland with a focus on culture and art related as well as residential projects, often within a listed building context, as e.g. the ‘South London Gallery’ with 6a architects, the ‘Forum Museumsinsel’ at the northern tip of Berlin's Museum Island and ‘Kunsthaus Zürich’ with David Chipperfield Architects.

She has been invited as a guest critic at international architecture schools and universities, e.g. at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism or RISEBA University Riga, Faculty of Architecture and Design. Besides her practical work she has been writing for the architecture magazine Bauwelt. She is also a registered architect at Architektenkammer Berlin.

Frank Joachim Wössner

studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart and ETH Zürich. In 2010 he set up his own practice in Berlin. Since 2013 he has been collaborating with Eva-Maria Stadelmann and in various constellations, also 2015-2020 as Stadelmann Schmutz Wössner Architekten with Bernd Schmutz, on a wide range of international projects of different scales, with a focus on the arts and cultural sector, exhibition designs, gallery-, live/work-, museum- and residential projects. Together with Eva-Maria Stadelmann he co-founded Stadelmann & Wössner Architekt:innen PartGmbB in 2021.

Before establishing his own practice he worked with internationally renowned offices such as Morger & Degelo Architekten in Basel and Caruso St John Architects in London, where he gained a wide range of professional experience while he was responsible for a wide range of much awarded projects with a focus on museums, art galleries and exhibition designs, such as the ‘Newport Street Art Gallery’ for Damien Hirst in London, winner of the RIBA Stirling Prize, RIBA National and RIBA London Awards 2016, the RIBA awarded and EU Mies van der Rohe Prize nominated contemporary art centre ‘Nottingham Contemporary’, the RIBA awarded ‘National Offices for the Arts Council England’ in Central London and various exhibitions such as Thomas Demand‘s 'Phototrophy' at Kunsthaus Bregenz.

From 2010-2016 he was holding a teaching position as assistant professor at Potsdam School of Architecture and was regularly invited as guest critic, e.g. at Kingston University in London. Since WS 2021/22 he is guest professor at Hochschule Anhalt Dessau, Department for Architecture, for the international cooperation project ‘Flying Faculty’ with the VGU Vietnamese-German University in Ho Chi Minh City. Since 2008 he is registered architect at Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg.


Stadelmann & Wössner Architekt*innen PartGmbB
Eva-Maria Stadelmann, Freie Architektin
Frank Joachim Wössner, Freier Architekt
Reuterstraße 82
D – 12053 Berlin
+49 30 7022 3369


João Baptista • John Paul Coss • Emilie Morales Gracia • Christopher Ruhri • Lucas Schrader • Paolo Scianna • Linda Semmler • Simon Steffen


Thank you for your interest in joining Stadelmann & Wössner. There is no current vacancies but we always welcome applications from talented and motivated individuals at any time. Unfortunately we are unable to answer everyone personally or to return any documents. Interesting applications will be kept on file and we will contact you if any vacancy arise in the future. Thank you for your understanding.


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Pantle, Ludwigsburg • Andrea Ringli, Zürich • Bernd Schmutz, Berlin • Heimann + Schwantes, Berlin • NLF-Team Berlin Hamburg • NODE Berlin Oslo • Studio Esther Le Roy & Sarah Cleeremans, Brussels • xailabs GmbH, Berlin


Anything is possible, Amsterdam • Arup, London • bbz Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin • Bencon Energies, Berlin • BFT Cognos GmbH, Aachen • Ausstellungstechnik Martin Edelmann, Moscow • FD-Ingenieure, Berlin • Max Götze Ingenieure, Berlin • Hahn Hertling von Hantelmann Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin • Ingenieurbüro Prof. Dr. Hauser GmbH, Kassel • Knecht Ingenieure, Wildpoldsried • Lossen Ingenieure, Berlin • medienprojekt p2, Stuttgart • Ingenieurbüro Axel C. Rahn, Berlin • Ausstellungstechnik Manuel Reinartz, Berlin • xailabs GmbH, Berlin

Selected Clients

Goethe Institut Athen • Goethe Institut New York • Grün Berlin • ARCH+ Berlin • Galerie Luis Campaña Berlin • Gutenberg-Museum Mainz • Hellenic Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs, Culture and Sport, Athens • Margaret Howell Ltd. London • Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt • ifa Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen Stuttgart • Immobilien-Verwertungsgesellschaft der ver.di mbH Berlin • Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien Berlin • Landeshauptstadt Mainz • Schloss Biesdorf Berlin • Urbane Künste Ruhr Oberhausen • ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe

Selected Artistic Directors & Curators

Katja Aßmann (021) • Judith Bihr (017) • Giulia Bini (017) • Andrea Buddensieg (017) • Angelika Fitz (021) • Martin Fritz (021) • Anselm Franke (017c) • Eckhard Fürlus (017) • Mirko Gatti (032) • Dr. Anett Goethe (039) • Stefan Gruber (032) • Stephanie Hankey (017c) • Christian Hiller (032) • Daniel Irrgang (017) • Max Kaldenhoff (032) • Sabiha Keyif (017) • Daria Mille (017) • Elke aus dem Moore (032) • Anh-Linh Ngo (032) • Christine Rüb (032) • Marek Tuszynski (017c) • Syrago Tsiara (015) • Peter Weibel (017) • Philipp Ziegler (017) • Siegfried Zielinski (017)

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Photo Credits

Simon Menges (015, 017) • Sebastian Schels (021, 032) • Laura Fiorio (017c) • Bernd Schmutz (017c, 023) • Hendrik Schwantes (027, 032) • Jeroen Verrecht (039) • Frank Joachim Wössner (020, 027, 031, 035) • All other images if used in any renderings, drawings, visualisations or others are acknowledged as belonging to their respective owners.